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About the Author,
Matt O'Brien (fitness consultant)

Matt O'Brien is a fitness consultant, Creator of the BodyTrans4mations and 28in28 programs, author, weightloss expert, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and celebrity trainer. He lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife, Hollie and son, Keegan.

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All of our time on Earth is priceless. If you want more time to spend doing the things you enjoy, more time to be with the ones you love, more time to savor the flavor of life, this book will show you how. Do you want to feel better, have more energy, stave off the ravaging effects of most disease, immunize yourself against illness, live longer, and feel better about yourself along the way? Are you confused by all the conflicting science about our health reported by the media? I understand! I spent the past 20 years living The Magic Pill prescription and the last 10 years teaching it to others. Now it's your turn to learn the both the longevity secrets and proven science I have discovered through experience, education, and especially the results I have witnessed. The Magic Pill is the must read book that will help you transform your body and transform your life!

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Actual Client Testimonials


I lowered my blood pressure by over 30 points!

“Matt has been a great inspiration for me and has helped me both mentally and physically. He has taught me to eat right, exercise right, and sleep right. In just a couple on months, I was able to lose 14 pounds of bodyfat, gain four pounds of lean muscle, and most importantly, lower my blood pressure by over 30 points. I have more energy now than ever and I have more focus on the job. Who would have known that exercising just three days a week could have such a dramatic impact. Everything has improved in my life!”
Dennis J.


I believe in myself again


"My results weren’t just cosmetic. During my last physical, I had blood work done and my doctor's comment was 'You are definitely not going to die of heart disease.' My cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and resting heart rate were fantastically improved and I felt better than ever. I am so much better off for having invested in Matt’s training and guidance. He pushed me to go beyond what I thought was possible, made working out fun for me, and helped me permanently incorporate fitness and sound nutrition into my lifestyle. Most importantly, I believe in myself again and have the self-confidence to do anything! Thanks for all of your help Matt! You've been a great inspiration.”
Kate M.


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